The 3 Essential Ways to Get More Podast Subscribers

No matter what your business podcast is about, you’re in the business of generating more subscriptions.

If you’re looking to sell products and services, you’ve got to target first time listeners to follow your show regularly.

This is gold dust if you’re looking to get hired for consulting work, but also useful if you’re trying to sell digital products online.

So what is the secret to getting more subscribers to your podcast?

Great Art Work

Just go to iTunes at look at the art work. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what podcasts standout.

In this group of German financial podcasts (don’t ask!), it will be obvious which podcasts are more likely to get clicked, and which aren’t.

So which would you click on?

If you talk to colour specialists, they’ll tell you that red has dominance over the cold colour blue.

Red is suitable for almost any type of advertising, more of less. Just look into your fridge. There’s lots of red in there. Fresh meat is supposed to be red. Not blue. Not grey. And all those trendy chili sauces that supermarkets promote are red (or orange), not brown or green.

best color podcast artwork

Red is a colour that's seen as exciting, warm, dynamic, powerful, dangerous, and passionate.

If you don’t want to go with red, though, make sure your podcast art work is bright and really stands out. Otherwise chances are that you’re not going to get clicked on.

And less clicks means less subscribers.


If you’re not asking people to check out your podcast on your website, you’re also missing out on subscribers.

I’ve tried all sorts of tests on my website and do you know what I’ve found works best? Less obvious links.

Sidebar images don’t seem to get seen, in my experience. But text links do get clicked on.
Isn’t that weird?

For example, the link on this blog is converting very nicely.

One of my successful call-outs

The links after an audio player also convert well, compared to the sidebar images I used to run.

Pretty successful too!

And finally, here’s the most important link: the one’s in my email newsletter. They get a conversation rate of over 25 percent click-thrus.

Ask Your Network

Finally, the other best way to get more subscribers is simply ask your network to i) subscribe and ii) recommend others subscribe.

This is where social media really comes in.

Yes, I get traffic to podcast episodes from Twitter, but nothing beats a personal recommendation.

So if you find that someone is really enjoying your podcast, ask them to recommend it to someone else they think might enjoy it.

Finally, remember that you grow your subscriber one person at a time.

It can take a while to get going but the more you stick at podcasting and the more conscious you are about testing and tweaking the strategy you’re using to generate subscribers the better you’ll be.

Share Your Tips

Like you I want more subscribers. If you’ve got a strategy that’s working for you, please share. I’m very interested to hear your take on this.

PS. Whilst you’re here, don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast!

About Jon

Jon is the owner of Stockholm-based digital marketing agency Jontus Media. He podcasts about digital marketing and communications.