Why You Need a Unique Selling Point for Your Podcast

The thing that makes your business podcast different from a hobby podcast is that you’re using it to sell your services or products. Not directly, but indirectly because this is your content marketing. You’re providing useful, quality information that, if targeted correctly, will introduce listeners to your sales funnel.

In this video I talk about the need to create each podcast from an acute awareness of your unique selling point (USP).

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The 3 Essential Ways to Get More Podast Subscribers

No matter what your business podcast is about, you’re in the business of generating more subscriptions.

If you’re looking to sell products and services, you’ve got to target first time listeners to follow your show regularly.

This is gold dust if you’re looking to get hired for consulting work, but also useful if you’re trying to sell digital products online.

So what is the secret to getting more subscribers to your podcast?
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