What’s the Best Day to Release a Podcast?

best day to release podcastWhen it comes to email marketing a lot of business consultants will tell you that a Tuesday or Wednesday is a great day to send an email newsletter out.

Others reckon a Sunday is better.

Why? Because you’re not competing with all those other work mails.

I can understand why you’d obsess about getting the day right because you want to get as many opens and clicks as possible.

When it comes to the best day to release a podcast though, there’s not much data on the subject.

All the same, here’s why I think Friday is the best day to release a show.

Release Your Podcast on a Friday

I aim for Friday’s because although it can be a quiet day in the blogosphere, people are looking for something to check out as the week winds down.

You know how it is. From 13.00 on Friday afternoon, you’re watching the clock. That’s not why I release a show on Friday though.

I choose then to put my podcast out then because it means I’ve got content at the top of my blog Friday – Tuesday. I don’t usually update my company blog on Monday’s.

My strategy is that anyone arriving at JontusMedia.com between Friday and Tuesday will see the podcast right at the top and check that out.

From the data I collect, I can see this works much more than if I follow up with another post within 24-48 hours.

Here’s Another Benefit of Releasing a Podcast on Friday

It’s not just clicks though. As any business blogger knows, it’s hard work writing and posting blog content day in day out.

Despite what the blogging gurus out there tell you, you don’t need to update daily but you do need 2-3 posts a week to keep your site alive both for readers and Google.

Why Not Updating Your Blog is a Good Thing

Leaving your podcast up from Friday – Tuesday is a perfect opportunity for you to show something in depth. As a consultant or coach you want to be persuading people you’re a great speaker – if you’re interested in being hired to give a talk or training session.

One of those proverbial Top Ten Tips blog posts isn’t likely to be as effective because your podcast, whether it’s an audio or video show, is going to show more of who you are. We all respond to voice and gesture more strongly than we do to just words on a screen.

Live a Little

Of course, in an ideal world you’d release your show as regular as clockwork at the same time on the same day every week.
Let’s be realistic, please.

Life is going to get in the way. You’re going to be busy with clients and all the other things that can come up in the week. So if you miss a Friday, don’t fret. Get the show out Saturday or Sunday. Or even Monday. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

Just remember to track your data to see what works for you. The best way to do that is to use Google Analytics.

So there you have it. As far as I’m concerned there are no hard and fast rules, but my personal goal is to aim Onilne Marketing & Communications on Friday. I’m convinced it’s the best day to release my podcast.

What about you?

About Jon

Jon is the owner of Stockholm-based digital marketing agency Jontus Media. He podcasts about digital marketing and communications.


Thanks Jon! I was thinking about Friday and this confirms it. My reasoning was that I can write posts Tue|Wed|Thur leading up to the podcast show on Friday. Like doing research for the blogs that will culminate in the podcast. That said, I'm launching my first episode, well, this Friday! It will be called the "Success That Matters Show" with Wesley Wiley. Thanks for the wisdom!


I think your subject matter influences your release schedule. Two podcasts that I enjoy greatly (Caustic Soda and The Art Of Wrestling) are released on Monday and Thursday, respectively. The first is a roundtable discussion about unusual scientific and historical facts that are deemed "caustic." The latter is a interview-show that details the ins and outs of the american institution of professional wrestling (nerdy, I know.) 


I think releasing a show that deals with shocking, almost unbelievable subject matter is a great way to jump a Monday's commute. And due to the nature of the AoW (with the major wrestling programs being broadcast on Monday and Friday) it might overload the target audience to release the show on a Friday.


Ultimately, I release my show on a Friday because of its content. It's music based, perfect for a Friday/Saturday. It fits the 'mood' of the day. If I were talking science or headlocks, I would aim for middle or start of the week, though. 

Hank Hoffmeier
Hank Hoffmeier

I have been releasing mine on Thursdays and have recently moved to Fridays. I hope that it will do better. I guess I will find out soon. This looks like a great site, and since I have pretty much just started, I look forward to more good reading!

jonbuscall moderator

Hi, thanks for stopping by, Ileane. Interesting about the shift in traffic between search and Facebook. I have to think more about this one. 


Very best wishes, Jon 


Hi Jon, wonderful advice about using Google Analytics as a guide. For me Monday and Thursday tend to bring in the most search traffic but on Tuesdays I get more Facebook love :) So I've learned over time to post on Monday and wait until Tuesday to share on Facebook. Thanks for the tips Jon!

jonbuscall moderator

@WesleyWiley Good to hear it! I personally find that the Friday show is always the one that does best in terms of traffic and engagement. Using Stitcher's stats I can see that not as many people listen all the way through Mon-Th, but Friday-Sun it's a much better rate. Probably listening whilst they cut the grass :=9 

jonbuscall moderator

 @jasonbrow Wrestling! That's awesome. And headlines are so incredibly important. I wrote about this earlier: http://jontusmedia.com/the-killer-tactic-to-increase-business-blog-traffic/


That's a great day for that kind of show. Many that I listen to come out on Fridays because of the weekend listening schedule, I guess. I've found from running A/B testing that it works better than a Monday. However, my schedule often means I end up releasing on a Monday :=(

jonbuscall moderator

 @Hank Hoffmeier Hi Hank, Thanks for the comment. One of the most important thing about releasing a show, I find, is actually giving it time to be found. After you release it, track how you promote it. For example; do three more RTs result in a 3% increase in downloads compared the previous episode? If that's the case, put more emphasis on social media promotion. i.e. test relesasing tweets at various points during the week. Based in Europe, I often get more tweets from the US so I make sure I schedule a tweet or two for the middle of the night here. 


You might also want to make sure your show is listed on networks like Zune, Blackberry, Blubrry, Stitcher, etc. 


Why not share a link to your show here ? I would like to check it out.


@jonbuscall @Hank Hoffmeier Thank you for the kind words!