The Røde Procaster Or the Røde Podcaster ?

After the recent video I made looking at which microphone you should use for podcasting I got several questions about the Røde Procaster and its USB sibling, the Podcaster. People wanted to know which I thought was better.

So I thought I’d do a mic test and compare the two back to back.

The test also includes a third recording using the Heil PR40. This is included as a separate point of comparison.

The mics are recorded in the following order:

The Correct Size for iTunes Artwork in 2012

In case you missed it, iTunes is now insisting your podcast artwork is 1400 x 1400 pixels.

iTunes prefers square .jpg images that are at least 1400 x 1400 pixels, which is different than what is specified for the standard RSS image tag. In order for a podcast to be eligible for an iTunes Store feature, the accompanying image must be at least 1400 x 1400 pixels.”

The key line here, apart from the image specs, is “In order for a podcast to be eligible for an iTunes Store feature, the accompanying image must be at least 1400 x 1400 pixels”.

Do not underestimate the significance of this because you want your show to appear in the New & Noteworthy category; iTunes’ New & Noteworthy can send you a stack of traffic.

Apple periodically updates the podcasts they’re showcasing in this section and it’s essential you give yourself a shot of appearing here.

How to Update Your Artwork in Libsyn

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The Secret to Keeping a Listener to Your Podcast

The holy grail of business podcasting is keeping hold of listeners.

No matter what you do, you want your audience to stick around once they’ve clicked play.

That’s why those first 90 seconds are vital.

That’s why the intro to your show is arguably the most important segment of your show.

Get those significant seconds right, and people will stick around: get them wrong, and it’s hasta la vista, baby!

So here’s the skinny on how to keep people listening to your podcast.
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Why You Need a Unique Selling Point for Your Podcast

The thing that makes your business podcast different from a hobby podcast is that you’re using it to sell your services or products. Not directly, but indirectly because this is your content marketing. You’re providing useful, quality information that, if targeted correctly, will introduce listeners to your sales funnel.

In this video I talk about the need to create each podcast from an acute awareness of your unique selling point (USP).

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The 3 Essential Ways to Get More Podast Subscribers

No matter what your business podcast is about, you’re in the business of generating more subscriptions.

If you’re looking to sell products and services, you’ve got to target first time listeners to follow your show regularly.

This is gold dust if you’re looking to get hired for consulting work, but also useful if you’re trying to sell digital products online.

So what is the secret to getting more subscribers to your podcast?
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What is the Best USB Microphone for Podcasting?

Rode PodcasterUSB mics originally tended to be dismissed because they didn’t produce very good sound; in the last year or so increasingly sophisticated, high end USB mics have appeared on the market offering excellent sound quality. In particular microphones like the Røde Podcast and the Yeti Pro have really caught my eye.

Still, just because people are saying USB mics are here to stay, you still have to be careful.

Here’s why.
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What’s the Best Day to Release a Podcast?

best day to release podcastWhen it comes to email marketing a lot of business consultants will tell you that a Tuesday or Wednesday is a great day to send an email newsletter out.

Others reckon a Sunday is better.

Why? Because you’re not competing with all those other work mails.

I can understand why you’d obsess about getting the day right because you want to get as many opens and clicks as possible.

When it comes to the best day to release a podcast though, there’s not much data on the subject.

All the same, here’s why I think Friday is the best day to release a show.
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Debunking the Myth that Podcasting is Easy

The podcast gurus out there love to tell you podcasting is easy.

But you and I know that in busines there’s no such thing as “easy”.

There’s often a catch.

Like the expensive software you bought that’s really easy to use – now you’ve paid a premium to get a consultant to show you how to use it.

Or the new point and shoot video camera you bought which is super easy to carry around, just like the ads said. Trouble is, it’s a nightmare to actually find out how to import files into your computer.

So let’s be honest here, is podcasting really that easy?
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